Summer Treats You Can Make in Your Own Kitchen




The summer months are made for sitting on the patio.  Nothing goes better with a sunny day on the patio than a nice cold drink.  Many delicious drinks can be made in your own kitchen with a juicer or blender – for example combine exotic fruits like pineapple, kiwi, mango, and  passion fruit to remind you of a tropical locale.  Add a splash of rum or other liqueur for a bonus if you like.                                           

Another treat that coffee lovers will enjoy is an iced coffee made with fresh coffee and ice and combined in a blender.  Refreshing and stimulating; goes perfectly with a good book and a sunny day.  Another cool treat that can be made is ice cream – use flavoured syrups like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla beans.  Add fresh fruit to make it really special.  To see more recipes that can be made, see

.Iced coffee

For evening, another delicious drink for socializing is a mojito – combine rum, sugar, mint leaves, lime, and club soda with ice and enjoy.  Throw it all into a blender for a twist and make mojito slushes.

Ice cubes can be ground up in a blender and used to make snow cones –add some fruit juice over top for flavoring.

As you can see, a blender can provide many different summer refreshments, you can find plenty of resources on the web for help on selecting the best blender – enjoy the summer and make it last as long as possible!

Discovering rice

There are more than 40,000 different varieties of rice in the world, but all types can be classified into 3 general types:  long-grain, medium-grain, and short-grain.

  • Long-grain is the most recognizable type in North America.  This type tends to maintain its shape after cooking and is usually not too sticky.
  • Medium-grain is shorter and plumper than long-grain.  This is the type of rice that is used in European dishes such as risotto and paella.
  • Short grain rice grains are small and almost round.  This grain tends to stick together when cooked and is used in sushi, as well as desserts  and salads.

Rice can also be classified as white rice and brown rice.  White rice is simply brown rice with the hull and bran removed.  Another type is black rice, which is cooked and used as a dessert in Asia – it has a naturally sweet taste.  You may also have heard of wild rice, which is not actually related to the standard species of rice, however it is often used in cooking rice dishes and can be mixed with other types to produce a more complex, tasty side dish.

Another type rice that is not commonly seen in North America, but more often found in Asia, is red rice.  The hull is a reddish/purple color, hence the name.  The coloration indicates the presence of anthocyanins which are potent antioxidants.

Follow this link to find delicious rice recipes.